Tuesday May 30

Tell me what religion each slide represents and the significance of each picture.

Thursday June 1

Mere Christianity - Book Review

Thursday May 18

Book Review of Mere Christianity
How to Write a Book Review

DUE: Thursday May 25

Tuesday May 23

6 Blind Men and Elephant

Thursday May 25

Tuesday April 25

Mere Christianity

Thursday April 27

Mere Christianity

Tuesday May 2

Mere Christianity

Thursday May 4

Mere Christianity

Thursday March 30

Test Mere Christianity

Tuesday April 4

Thursday April 6

Tuesday April 11

Thursday April 13

Tuesday March 21

Finish Reading Chapter 12 "Faith"
Review for Test

Thursday March 23

Test on Chapters 10 -12

Tuesday March 14

Finish Reading Chapter 11 & 12

Thursday March 16

Continue Reading Chapter 11 & 12

Tuesday February 28

Mere Christianity - Finish Chapter 9
Review Study Guide

Thursday March 2

Test on Mere Christianity - Book 3 Chapter 5-9

Tuesday March 7

Begin reading Chapter 10 " Hope"

Thursday March 9

Finish Reading Chapter 10
Begin Chapter 11

Tuesday January 31

Mere Christianity - Finish Reading Christian Marriage Pg.113
I Corinthians 10:23-24: "Everything is permissible"--but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible"--but not everything is constructive. Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others.

Luke 17:1-2: One day Jesus said to his disciples, “There will always be temptations to sin, but what sorrow awaits the person who does the tempting!It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin.

As far as your sexual purity is concerned, and how you behave day to day, what kinds of things might be "permissible" but not necessarily "beneficial" or "constructive" for you to do or say in the presence of the opposite sex? Why would they not be beneficial or constructive? How can you live a life of sexual integrity so that you avoid causing others to sin? Be specific.

Due: Thursday Feb. 2

Thursday February 2

This assignment is similar to the one last week related to your "non-negotiable" commitments in life. This time, make a list of your TOP 10 REQUIREMENTS FOR A FUTURE SPOUSE. Be serious about what is non-negotiable for you ... do you refuse to marry someone with facial hair? Do you insist that your future spouse enjoy the game of Scrabble? Or are there even more pressing issues for your future marital bliss? This is a list that you can post on your mirror in your bedroom to consult at any point that you're considering a serious relationship in the future. It sure helps to know BEFORE you get into a relationship, what you will and will not settle for.

Due: Tuesday February 7

Tuesday February 7

Mere Christianity - Forgiveness - Pg.115
After reading C.S. Lewis' chapter on Forgiveness, answer the questions below. Choose at least three questions to address thoroughly.

1.Why might forgiveness be even more unpopular than chastity? Why is it necessary?

2.What are the two things we can do to make loving our enemies easier?

3. Lewis spends a lot of time clarifying what loving your neighbor is and what it is not.

4.How did Lewis come to accept the straw-splitting distinction of hating what a man did and not hating the man himself?

5.Does loving your enemy mean not punishing him?

6. In Lewis' mind, why is the command 'Thou shalt not Kill' not a moratorium against fighting in war or the death penalty?

7. How do we go about loving those who have nothing lovable about them?

8. Why would your teacher assign this particular chapter to be read this particular week? What does it have to do with the subject of love, sexuality, commitment and marriage?

Thursday February 9

Work on questions from last day.

Tuesday February 14

Mere Christianity - The Great Sin - Pg.121

Thursday February 16

Tuesday December 5

Thursday December 7

Tuesday November 15

Miss Rilling will be teaching

Thursday November 17

Miss Rilling

Tuesday November 8

No class - In Regina for Career Fair

Thursday November 10

Read - Mere Christianity

Tuesday November 1

Mere Christianity - Book 2 Chapter 4

Thursday November 3

Mere Christianity Quiz - Book 2 - Chapter 1, 2, 3
Read Mere Christianity - Book 2 Chapter 5

Tuesday October 25

Work on Absolute vs Relativistic Assignment
DUE Thursday October 27

Thursday October 27

Read Book 2 Chapter 2 The Invasion
Go over summary of that chapter


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Tuesday October 18

Mere Christianity - Book 1 Quiz
Begin Reading - Book 2 - Chapter 1
1. What is Pantheism?
2. Explain the differences between the Pantheist and Christian Idea?
3. Why does Lewis say that Atheism is to simple?

Thursday October 20

Correct and Discuss Questions from last day
Mere Christianity - Read Book 2 - Chapter 2

Thursday October 13

Mere Christianity - Go over Review Sheets of Chapter 4 & 5 of Book 1
Outline of test
Mere Christianity - Book 1 Quiz - Tuesday October 18
Assignment -
Prepare a one-page (250 word) essay exploring the differences between relativistic and absolute ethics. Compare these two philosophies, giving examples of how they affect everyday life. Include your personal opinion on both philosophies.


Mere Christianity - Get Books




After watching the video "The Gospel According to Blaine," in which the narrator compares his Christian walk with being a runner, think about a new analogy you could use to describe your Christian experience. (One-page)

Watch Video " Roots of Biblical Christianity"
Journal Entry 1

Does the Christian worldview apply to every facet of life? Use Scripture to back up your answer.

Read - Mere Christianity - Book 1 - Chapter 1


Mere Christianity Questions - Book 1


View JOURNALS like an essay answer on a test. It should show ALL you know on the question being asked and it should be longer than one sentence. A nice paragraph answer is ideal (5-6 sentences).

You have just read the first chapter in a classic book by a well-known and well-loved Christian man. What is your initial reaction to his writings? Does he sound like someone you can trust and believe? Are you skeptical? What is his philosophy of life?

In journal format (write the way you talk - as if it were a diary entry), tell me your reaction to C.S. Lewis and his philosophy of life.


Do you think the Law of Nature has been present in all civilizations and through the ages?Why or why not?

Answer this question with as much detail as you can. Go beyond "Mere Christianity" to find other quotes from research and your own personal opinion.

This should be a one-page (250 word) answer.


Read - Mere Christianity - Book 1 - Chapter 2 & 3


After completing your reading of the selected chapters in "Mere Christianity" this week, please answer the following questions in journal entry format (write the way you talk, be thorough).

  • What does Lewis conclude about the reality of the Law of Human Nature?

  • The Apostle Paul wrestles with what he termed "the law of sin." (Don't confuse "the law of sin" with the law of Moses or God's law.) How does Paul describe his battle? Read Romans 7:15-25.

  • Do you find the law pressing on you? How?

  • Lewis says that no human appears to be able to keep the Law of Nature at all times but if someone feels that they have, they are an exception and should not read the rest of the book. Do you think you are an exception? Explain why or why not!


Mere Christianity - Book 1 Read Chapters 4 & 5

Mere Christianity: Answer Questions

Assignment 3 : Due: October 20

Prepare a one-page (250 word) essay exploring the differences between relativistic and absolute ethics. Compare these two philosophies, giving examples of how they affect everyday life. Include your personal opinion on both philosophies.